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Jewish Pandemic Baking in Chicago: More about Motzi

Have you been baking during the Pandemic? Meet Phoebe Skowronski and Kadi House, who are also baking during the pandemic! ChiTribe wanted to learn more about their passion project and new Instagram account Motzi featuring homemade Challahs and Macarons. Learn more and find out how to taste these delicious treats.

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Jewish Chicago Eats

Find all the latest in Jewish eats in the city. ChiTribe loves to share local businesses and the best Jewish food options in the city. From Chummus to Bagels to the newest spots for takeout, ChiTribe has you covered. We also love our booze! If you are a foodie or

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Rosh HaShanah Recipes for Quarantine

Rosh HaShanah this year will be in quarantine so let’s make it delicious. To help you make the high holidays sweeter, ChiTribe asked local Chicago Chefs and Bakers for some recipes to spice up the new year. From Yosi at LaShuk to Laura from Base Hillel, there are some incredible

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Kosher Bourbon Orange Honey Cake from Brocha

Kosher Honey Cake with FAKE Maple Bacon from Busy Mom Allstar Brocha Brocha Benhiyoun is an amazing baker, creator of Urban Challah, helps run Chabad of Lincoln Park and also mother of infant twin boys! This Rosh HaShanah is different for Chabad of Lincoln Park but they are sharing delicious

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Duvshaniot (Honey Cookies) Recipe from LaShuk

Israeli Rosh HaShanah Treats from the Creator of LaShuk Straight from the kitchen of Chef Yosi Alhadif of LaShuk, you have to try this Israeli Rosh HaShanah treat called “Duvshaniot”. These round honey spiced cookies are an essential part of the holiday for the Alhadifs. Yosi is a graduate of

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Moroccan Salmon Recipe by Laura Elkayam

This Elkayam family recipe is course number 2 of 4 in a typical shabbat or holiday meal. If eaten right, you never use your fork (and instead nudge and scoop the salmon with its surrounding sauce (called ‘H’raime’) with a generous nub of challah). It elevates the meal and opens up the appetite for more yummy food! As is the case with all authentic North African/Middle Eastern recipes, Laura could not give the exact measurements, but she does her best to describe the qualities and process to get the perfect Morrocan Salmon.

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Real Snacks Are Kosher and Based in Chicago

Meet Noah Shaffer, CEO of Real Snacks The goal actually is not to primarily service the Kosher-eating community (although of course, that is a goal), rather to bring healthier meat snacks to everyone. Where are you from? I grew up in Skokie, IL.  Where did you go to school? I

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Dating Apps and Chicago Spots for this Winter

Winter is here and dating app season is upon us. Dating apps and dating websites have given the average Jewish-romance starved millennial a plethora of choice, for better or for worse. Living in a big city like Chicago, it is hard to decide: Drinks? Dancing? Introduce them to your parents