Healthy Passover Snacks To Survive the Diaspora

After two nights of the same meal, the same dinner theater, and far too many cups of wine for a family friendly event: there are still six whole days left of the holiday.  How are you going to find and eat healthy passover snacks and survive?

It’s hard to find Kosher for Passover food at work, and depending on your denomination you might not eat it anyway because of the kitchen it was prepared in.

Don’t Suffer like Your Ancestors

Celebrate the holiday of spring and prepare yourself some kosher for Passover snacks for work.  

If you’re thinking, “What can I bring to work that is K for P?” Don’t think too hard.

Most healthy things are Kosher for Passover

Rarely do healthy snacks need time to rise. Yet inevitable at some point during the eight days you’ll end up in a situation, where you are surrounded by dough products, and your resolve is challenged.  Before that happens, recline in your chair, reflect on our time wandering through the desert, and prepare snacks for work this year because there is no mana that’s going to fall from the sky.

1) Fruits and Veggies

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Chol HaMoed is an excellent time to eat healthily. The easiest and most portable kosher for Passover snacks are found in the produce aisle. Apples, bananas, carrots, celery, oranges, as well as countless others, are incredibly healthy and require no prep time.

2) Hard-boiled eggs

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This one should be a bit obvious because it is found on the Seder plate. Hard-boiled eggs are a high protein snack that can easily hold you over until you can find a kosher for Passover respite. However, they are one of the world’s smelliest snacks and won’t make you any friends among your coworkers.

3) Salad

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While salad may seem pretty similar to fruits and vegetables, it gets a separate mention because Passover leftovers often make the best salad toppings. Brisket salad is a thing, and it is delicious.

4) Prunes

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If this isn’t your first Passover, you likely appreciate the stopping power of matzo. A person can only consume so much unleavened bread before the regular flow of things slows down. Prunes are one of the most effective ways to enjoy matzo without retaining it for the remainder of the week. Figs, leafy green, and citrus fruit can help as well.

5) Peanut butter

Brown Peanuts

Now, I’m no Rabbi, and I know this is a bit of sore spot in the Jewish community, but it seems as though some kitniyot are on the way out. The Ashkenazi Jews seem to find the concept less appealing every year and have been getting especially lax about the most delicious food in the world. Peanut butter is high fat, high calorie, and high protein snack. Look for natural peanut butter, it is healthier and much more likely to be Kosher for Passover. Eat it as a complement to snack #1 instead of spoonful from the jar.

At the end of the day, observing Passover isn’t really difficult, it just involves a lot of preparation and a little self-control. Skipping bread and beer for a week is what half the nation does on January first in an attempt to lose weight, we do it to remember the plight of the Jews leaving Egypt. Just be glad you don’t have to wander the desert until everyone who was born in captivity dies, nowadays, with modern healthcare the Jews would have to wander for 90 years.

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Jake Dermer

Jake Dermer