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Author: chitribe COVID-19 Updates
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How to Horah Alone

In case you missed the Dis-DANCING Bar Mitzvah Bash 2020, here is a clip so you can learn how to horah alone. During this time of social distancing, we all need to take advantage of the classic chair workout. Tradition! L’chayim

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Virtual Shabbat Clusters This Week

ChiTribe Shabbat Clusters are now virtual because of COVID-19 and we will reschedule the clusters that have had to be postponed. Sign up for ChiTribe Shabbat Clusters and create community and new connections over great food. Eat and celebrate Jewish life together…OVER THE INTERNET

chitribe offiical antisemitism response

Official ChiTribe Response to Antisemitic Online Attacks

This Monday evening, ChiTribe hosted our weekly virtual game night via Zoom with an open room code for the third week in a row. Tonight, immediately after opening the room with our community members, an unknown participant joined the call. This participant invited others and took control of the screen virtually in an antisemitic attempt to disarm and offend the members of ChiTribe game night. Profane images were posted and the unknown participants shouted offensive and antisemitic profanities.

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Quarantine Bae in Chicago

Despite mandatory social distancing, Jewish dating is alive and well in Chicago. This dating option is off the apps, Love is Blind inspired and completely kosher for quarantine. Have you signed up for Quarantine Bae yet? We asked ourselves how

virtual bar mitzvah 2020 chitribe juf yad yld

Virtual Bar Mitzvah Bash DisDANCING 2020

Join the party! Thursday April 2nd, join the VIRTUAL Bar Mitzvah Bash 2020. All you need is a computer with Zoom and Spotify and yourself. Join YAD, YLD, ChiTribe as we bring the Chicago Young Adult Community together for a night of dancing. These are dances you know, you love, maybe you hate… but you still are going to dance next Thursday because what else are you doing.

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Virtual Shabbat Clusters

VIRTUAL CLUSTERS COVID-19 ChiTribe Clusters are now VIRTUAL and at 7:30pm CDT Weekly on Fridays. Join the cluster! ChiTribe’s Shabbat clusters are a great way to bring unengaged and unaffiliated Jews into the community. From the 3 cluster shabbats I

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Online Resources for Meetings, Classes, and Events

ChiTribe is working to compile all the resources being sent by JPRO for Jewish Organizations and other important resources for being successful when working from home in Chicago due to Covoid-19. These resources include Zoom best practices, how to get your emails answered, and even some news for our consultants bored at home! This is News from the Tribe