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Author: Rebecca Schwab
Cool chicago jews facebook group chitribe

Cool Chicago Jews on Facebook

What is the Cool Chicago Jews Facebook Group? What is the Cool Chicago Jews Facebook group and why should you know about it? Converts, queer people, Jews of Color, post-Soviet Jews! Jews of all experiences deserve a place to call home and a safe space. This group is explicitly leftist

chitribe team

The ChiTribe Team

Who is the Team behind ChiTribe? ChiTribe is a grassroots organization that is majorly volunteer-led. After almost 3 years, ChiTribe is still a resource for all of Jewish Chicago. Directed by Rebecca Schwab and a team of incredible interns and volunteers, ChiTribe continues to fill the gap making Jewish life

Post-Pandemic ChiTribe Clusters

ChiTribe Post-Pandemic Clusters are an opportunity for people to connect virtually and in-person while creating a community based on shared interests. As more people are becoming vaccinated, and Jewish life can start returning to normal, ChiTribe Post-Pandemic Clusters are a chance to meet new people and reconnect with the Tribe.

Jewish Person Of The Week Lindsay Barnett chitribe

Meet Jewish Person of the Week Lindsay Barnett

Where did you grow up? Highland Park What did you do Jewish growing up? I grew up having Shabbat dinner with my family. Mygrandparents usually hosted Shabbat, so three generations of our family got together each week. Some of my best family memories are at that dinner table! I also went

Moishe House chicago chitribe

Moishe Houses of Chicago: NEW RESIDENTS NEEDED

Move into a Moishe House! The Chicago-area Moishe Houses are looking for residents across the city with move-in dates ranging from 5/1-9/1. If you’re interested in building a Jewish community, fostering relationships in your neighborhood, and putting on programs for other Jewish young adults, Moishe House might be the place

jewish person of the week ashley gordon chitribe

Meet Jewish Person of the Week Ashley Gordon

Where did you grow up? I grew up in a suburb of Detroit, MI What did you do Jewish growing up? As a kid, we went to shul frequently, and I also attended Hebrew School and had my bat mitzvah. Overall, my fondest memories are weekly Shabbat dinners with my

36 OVER 36 ChiTribe

36 Over 36 ChiTribers

Even if you above a certain age, ChiTribe is here to help you find your Tribe. ChiTribe 36 over 36 36 is the New 24 – Haven’t you heard? Introducing the 36 Over 36 ChiTribe List CALLING ALL OVER 36 ChiTribers!We are looking for people who are making a difference

Jewish person of the week carol Kurth Chitribe

Meet Jewish Person of the Week Carol Kurth

Meet Carol who found her Chicago Jewish Community during the Pandemic Where did you grow up? San Diego, California What did you do Jewish growing up?  I converted at age 29! I did go to some Bar/Bat Mitzvahs growing up, and of course a few Shabbats at sleepovers with my