Author: Rebecca Schwab

The “SheBrew” of Listen Up!

Did you know there is a Chicago based Jewish a cappella group? Jewish Performer of the Week, Sari Greenberg, tells ChiTribe more about being the “SheBrew” and the power of Jewish music.     Listen Up! is proud to be

Vibe ChiTribe Arianna Rozen

500 Bar Mitzvahs: From Dancer to Owner

Jewish Person of the Week Arianna Rozen Tells ChiTribe about “Entertainment That Fits Your Vibe” From being a dancer to becoming an owner, I learned how to be a boss. -Arianna   Being a Good Boss Means Good Vibes.   Perform

The Story of Survival and the Legacy of Giving chitribe hayley

The Story of Survival & the Legacy of Giving

Story of Survival When having Sunday evening dinners with my grandparents growing up, I never took for granted the stories I heard or the lessons I learned.  The most important lesson I took away is that surviving genocide requires strength

Save and Sweat: New Years Fitness Resolutions chitribe

Save and Sweat: 2019 Solutions

Frugel Fitness Advice 2019 Happy New Year! We all know the gym is about to be ridiculously packed, and you will not be able to reserve a spot in any of the classes you want. For like a week. For more

simcha events feature chitribe

Simcha Events Tips for Success

Finding a culturally aware DJ whose knowledge of Jewish music doesn’t end on Hava Nagila can be hard, but Simcha Events has got you covered! During our interview with Yoni and Ewa, the newest Chicago power couple, we learned so much

ChiTribe PreShow Exclusive

Reporting Live from The Biggest Jewish Event in Chicago Who are you wearing? Who are you dating? Is there anyone named Josh? Josh!!!   Hosts: Shaily and Rebecca   Originally filmed for Instagram @YourChiTribe Formatted for the Youtube Screen All


ChiTribe Chinese Food and Chill 2018

All I want for Christmas is Jews! Kick it  old testament with your ChiTribe for the Jewish Christmas classic: Chinese Food and a Movie GET YOUR TICKET TICKETS TODAY 🎟️$20 Tickets Online: Costs covers space rental and food Chinese food or it

ChiTribe YidLife crisis feature

Time for a YidLife Crisis

Interview by Rebecca Joey Schwab Written by Becky Adelberg We had the chance to speak to YidLife Crisis, the dynamic duo Jamie (“Chaimie”) and Eli (“Leizer”) hailing from Montreal, Quebec, about their Yiddish webseries, which currently has over 3 million