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Where to Eat Kosher Chinese Food in Chicago

It is December and Kosher Chinese Food is a must! You can try and make it at home but everyone knows – takeout is the way to go. There so many restaurants to eat Chinese food in Chicago, but if you are looking for kosher Chinese food in Chicago –

Where to Eat Chinese Food on Christmas in Chicago ChiTribe

Where to Eat Chinese Food on Christmas in Chicago

Everyone knows that on Christmas there are only a few things for Jews to do: Go to your friends house and watch them open presents under their tree Have brunch with your family who celebrates Christmas – maybe get some presents?? Eat Chinese food and go to the Movies No

8 Nights for Chanukah Donuts in Chicago chitribe

8 Nights for Chanukah Donuts in Chicago

Do you ever wonder why it is a tradition to eat sufganiyot (donuts filled with jelly/jelly donuts) for Hanukkah? Many Jews eat fried foods to celebrate the miracle of the one-day oil supply lasting for 8 full nights. You can continue to commemorate this marvel by eating donuts every night

Where to Eat During Hanukkah in Chicago

8 Places to Eat During Hanukkah in Chicago

Being in Chicago during Chanukah is a time to celebrate! Whether you are a lifelong local, a suburban transplant or you have been welcomed from far away, there is a place for you at the table. If you are not sure what to get your new or old friends, taking

Michael Solomonov ChiTribe

Zahav’s Michael Solomonov Upcoming Trip to Chicago

A ChiTribe Interview with Visiting Jewish Chef Michael Solomonov Everyone knows Jews love to eat – and we love to eat Israeli food. We are welcoming Michael Solomonov with open arms as he joins us in Chicago for an upcoming trip and feel lucky to have had the chance to

Chronnikah Dark Matter Coffee - ChiTribe

Chicago Coffee Roaster Celebrates Chronikkah

A New Way to Celebrate Hannukah in Chicago – Dark Matter Coffee’s Chronikkah Many of us know the story of Hanukkah, the festival of lights – a story of how a small group of Jews fought against all odds to overcome a brutal regime that aimed to end the Jewish